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Removable Floor Tiles

Quick and easy installation with DECKER interlocking floor tiles.

As a timber composite product, DECKER Floor Tiles comprise 60% wood fibre and 40% recycled plastic as do the other lines in the DECKER range. This means choosing DECKER Floor Tiles is an environmentally friendly choice that requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for a diversity of applications.

Designed as an interlocking system of floor tiles, DECKER Floor Tiles come complete as individual tiles secured on a plastic joist. This design enables a user-friendly means of simply interlocking the tiles. To secure the area, you can choose to either frame the area or even glue the tiles down. As a simplistic interlocking tile system, DECKER Floor Tiles are great for temporary displays as well as more permanent fixtures.
As a manufactured timber composite, each DECKER Floor Tile is consistent with every other DECKER Floor Tile. There is no need to spend time ensuring a complementary match between each and every floor tile because this is perfect consistency with all DECKER Floor Tiles. This benefit of this manufactured consistency is not only evident with regards the layout of the tiles but also the colour of the tiles.

Standard size: 300 x 300 x 26mm with plastic joist
Colours: D1 Mtn Ash, D2 Red Gum, D3 Spotted Gum, D4 Iron Bark

If you’re looking for a movable flooring solution for marquees, parties or rental homes, Decker have the answer. Our tiles simply clip together in seconds and have a built in joist system to allow drainage.

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